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Tame Toys Without Tossing Action Plan Printable PDF 9 pages

Tame Toys Without Tossing Action Plan Printable PDF 9 pages

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This is a Printable Toy Decluttering Action Plan

A 9 page printable action plan to overcome the overwhelm. Includes example photos and instructions: Make a Written Plan, The Lego Zone, The Community Toy Table, Tips for the Process, Labeling, Toy Rotation Tracker, Maintenance and Resources of where to get items.

The basic idea of this plan is that you are going to organize the toys into smaller boxes of like items, label them, then keep most of them out of the sight of the children. They could be stored on shelves in your garage or furnace room or in a wooden pantry with cupboard doors or closet.

You will also have a few Zones for most loved toys to live, as well as a community table or floor space to play on, but children need to put items back where they “live” afterwards. If not, more go the storage area, until you find that happy balance of how many totes should be out within the kid’s reach and eyesight.

Using this plan, you will feel empowered rather than overwhelmed.

Written by a work at home, homeschooling mom of 8 kids! We are here with the toys all the time!

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